SIMPLICITYX explosive traceability Application

Solatys SimplicityX Application is an excellent interactive solution for avalanche defense that any ski resort can use it during the winter to record and track all detonated avalanche explosives to reduce the risk of avalanches posed to the skiiers.

This interactive application will allow each ski resort to manage easily their avalanche defense program through the secured online acces of Solatys CMS platform ; control the explosive inventory (sotck-in /stock-out), pre-programmed the different detonation planning and quickly view on data reporting.

SimplicityX, an easy and flexible touch solution connecting to three devices : PC , tablet and scanner

In accordance with European Directive 2008/43 / EC of the 5th May 2009 and from the Decree 2012-1238 of the 7th  November 2012, the traceability of explosives for civil use has become a priority in France, and its implementation is effective from April 5, 2015.


  • Simplicityx avalanche explosive Application by Solatys 1
  • Simplicityx avalanche explosive Application by Solatys 2
  • Simplicityx avalanche explosive Application by Solatys 3
  • Simplicityx avalanche explosive Application by Solatys 4


This touch application enhances the use of explosive management with overall operation control and quick monitoring reports:

  • Automatic inventory synchronization
  • Configure categories / sub categories of explosives
  • Create unlimited number of explosive warehouse
  • Manage & control the explosive quantity per warehouse
  • Configure or pre-schedule the different detonation plannings
  • Define & control each detonated action operation
  • Automatical data backup
  • Data synchronization with our CMS platform
  • Real-time reporting Viewing
  • Data visualisation through PC or tablet
  • Export report /email, file (xlsx,docx,pdf,..), print
  • Required devices : tablet / PC Windows + barcode scanner


More Information & Licensing

Solatys offers SimplicityX solution by a monthly or annual subscription for licence fee including updates and remote technical support.

For more details, please feel free to contact us !