New Multi-touch table "All-in-One Touch Table"

  • Solatys All-in-One Touch Table

Placed on 20 June 2014

Solaty has created "All-in-One Touch Table", a new plug & play solution of wide multi-touch display, embedded of a multi-touch screen 46'' of 3M combined with an Intel NUC system.

We worked on the design and quality with one of the best expertise in furniture supplier by selecting the durable, innovative and hygienic materials with its strength, stability and longevity of use. It is composed of a very nice standard tray by added to various models of stand depending on each environment.     The concept of this table was mostly inspired by our experience on the Samsung SUR40, feedback from our clients as well as numerous requests for plug & play solution.

Our "All-in- One Touch Table" is a complete collaborative multi-touch table solution which will be an ideal innovative commercial tool for any showroom, business fairs, or simply even collaborative work in any lighting condition.

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