Multi-touch Table CENTRAL

  • CENTRAL -Solatys Multi-touch Table with 3M C4667PW & IntelNuc 1

This display stand was designed especially for the 46’’ display of 3M Multi-Touch C4667PW (108 x 64 x 6.86 cm) as a multi-touch table for indoor professional use in a showroom, exhibition, reception hall, museum, or collaborative work.

For optimal ergonomics, the stand consists of three main parts: display cradle with natural convection vents for proper operation of equipment / double XPO anodized column with cable ducts / and a steel base. Furthermore, there are a keyboard drawer and two symmetrical slots under the cradle for media player with a magnetic trap and another a slide sheet to access to OSD controls. This touch table stand ensures good stability and security with thick steel plate of the base when placed on the floor or fastened with bolts. Self-adhesive pads are also applied to manage the cable position in the cradle.

With the help of the main stand support in the middle, it allows any user to have 360° access around the multi-touch display and enjoy maximized multi-touch experiences. The table height measuring 89 cm can be customized according to the required column height for children or people with reduced mobility.


  • Cradle / base : Steel - black
  • Double Column support : XPO anodized aluminium
  • Table height include display : 89 cm standard (customized at order)
  • Table height under cradle: 78 cm
  • Keyboard drawer : 500mm larg. x 25mm ht.
  • 2 slots for media player : left - for IntelNuc with magnetic trap and power button hole / right - for OSD control with slide sheet
  • Weight : approx. 50 kg
  • Installation : Indoor/permanent
  • Display size : 108 x 64 x 6.86 cm (3M Touch C4667PW)
  • Warantee :  2y for screen / 10 years for stand
  • Price EXW : stand = 890€/unit, display = to be defined

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