Multi-touch Table ALL-IN-ONE

  • Solatys All-in-One multitouch Table, model  "LOTUS"

To bring your touch solution to daily life, we have been strongly inspired by the past experience of Samsung SUR40, all our customers’ feedback and also many requirements on plug & play solution.  Then we have worked with the best furniture supplier by selecting the best components combined with theirs expertise to offer you the nicest intergrated interactive solution for wide format display.

Today, Solatys is very proud of presenting you “All-in-One multitouch Table”, consisted of a 46" multi-touch display of 3M Touch with mini PC of Intel NUC and integrated in high quality plateau of resin with different designs of the stand.  The surface of resin is very hygienic and easy to maintain without leaving on track or scratch.  With its strength, stability and nice design, All-in-One multitouch Table with not less than 60 contact points is the most appropriated interactive table for presenting products or services between a group of users and emphasize your professional identity through a wide format digital display in a showroom,  professional event,  information counter or even in a collaborative work :

  • 3M Multi-Touch Display 46" C4667PW (42" in option)
  • Display frame in resin with PVC strip (blue, black, red or green)
  • 5 models of stand :  ZED, SCENE, CLASSIC, LOTUS & KIOSK
  • Different heights : table and kiosk
  • Logo integration  : sticker or engraving (in option)
  • Wi-Fi, USB, Audio &  Video
  • Integration of NFC or Barcode scanner (in option)
  • Easy maintenance

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Other Models :

  • Solatys All-in-One multitouch Table, model  "SED"
  • Solatys All-in-One multitouch Table, model "SCENE"
  • Solatys All-in-One multitouch Table, moel "CLASSIC"
  • Solatys All-in-One multitouch Table, model "KIOSK"