Microsoft Surface 2.0 at our finger tips in Las Vegas

Placed on 10 January 2011

  • Surface 2.0

A powerfull impression

We spend 4 magic days in Las Vegas with people from sevensteps and speaknl. Beside the fact that the city is magic, we live an exited moment when Surface 2.0 was just in front of us. our first reaction was to not touch it but simply look at this beauty with an internal big "woww" feeling. We were personally invited by the Microsoft Surface team to present that beautifull and amazing product to the press.

  • Surface  2.0

Presentation to the press

Bart Roozendaal from Sevensteps,presents to the press the new features and capabilities of that new product. This is the frst time for us that we get the priviledge to be invited for such important announcement and all of us appreciate all single minutes of that moment.

Seeing it, is again something exceptionnal, touching it is something undescriptible, having one would be something incredible.

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