GLION Institute of Higher Education discovers the Samsung SUR40 unit

  • Microsoft Surface V1

Placed on 20 February 2012

For the second time, we had the pleasure of receiving in our company on 20th February, the prestigious GLION Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland.  This high school ranks the second among the best schools for the training of young students for careers in International Hotel Management. More than a simple hotel school, GLION provides its students complete programs including industry knowledge, management skills and personal development.

A group of twenties students had participated in this Microsoft Surface demonstration program, accompanied by their instructorin information Technology, Mrs Claudette JOHN.  During the program, our technical director, Mr Serge CALDERARA had explained the students in details what is theMicrosoft Surface Technology and also the physical and technical differences between the previous and recent version of unit. The participants were very excited in this program. During this demonstration they could freely test the Surface technical capacity and developed applications on the unit.  Many questions had been asked during demonstration in order to understand exactly what Microsoft Surface Technology is.  Finally, the students had great ideas to integrate Samsung SUR40 in their specific environment.

From our perspective and our experience as an Official Partner of Microsoft Surface ®, we are always happy to initiate this innovative Technology. Exchanges with users are especially interesting because they allow us to better understand the real needs in order to develop the appropriate application.


We would like to thanks deeply, Mrs. Claudette JOHN, who has successfully integrated the Surface discovery in their school program and has given us a chance to demonstrate this innovated technology of Microsoft Surface to students.

  • Bing
  • Drawing Application
  • Group
  • Champagne Application