Bespoke Multitouch Application Development

Upon arrival of touch and multi-touch displays in large size on the market nowadays, allow companies to better showcase their identities through touch application more pertinent and user-friendly after integrated various digital data.

Solatys, with their expertise in multi-touch and multi-user application development, can create any bespoke interactive business application with customized and specific environment, whether for simply screen as digital signage or multi-touch screen as a collaborative use.

Ergonomics, Design, User Interface, and Integration of the latest technologies to the content are our priority and considered as the main key points for a successful application.

Our primary approaches of working :

  • Define your objectives, constraints, contexts
  • Define input data & output of application
  • Define & advise all devices used
  • Define the application users
  • Define the application's scenario
  • Define an understandable, user-friendly interface
  • Adjust unperfected points until client's satisfaction
  • Offer our secured Web CMS platform
  • Offer training and quick technical support

We have proved through our different customer projects, our skills, and expertise in the field of interactive software development. Today, we have a strong recognition of our customers a Validated expertise, Reliable consultant, Efficient technical supports and services, strong Commitment & Responsiveness and particularly On-time delivery.

Our client sectors : Banks, Financials, Construction Materials, Real Estate, Retails, Medicals, Hospitality, Transportation, Communication, Ski Resort …

Contact us to work together and bring your project into a new dimension !


Turnkey Solution ( Application + hardware )

We always deploy our own experiences to recommend the most appropriate multi-touch solution in any kind of business by considering primarily on the basis of an oriented dialogue and the defined final goal of customers.   We have also worked with different suppliers in order to find the best devices that we can offer customer as a package solution.  

We would be pleased to contribute in your project, kindly send use either the description of your required application, or send us directly your full specification for a pre-study so that we can discuss together and give you our view or quote more precisely in order to match with your budget.  So please feel free to drop us your requirement !