3M Multi-Touch Displays

Today, 3M Touch pushes the boundaries of interactive technology with a commitment to innovation and the collaborative aspect for commercial applications to multi-touch display industry.

Introducing a fully integrated, fast accurate and interactive multi-touch displays that make digital signage come alive with consumer-driven design and functionality. 3M large format multi-touch displays feature high-performance projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology and sophisticated bezel-free display design for a truly uncompromised touch experience that are found on tablets or smartphones.

New 3M large format Multi-Touch displays are perfect for interactive new generation combining its high multi-touch technology advanced "Ultrafine Metal Mesh" which offers a response fast multi-touch and precise, high definition graphics, brilliant colors and angles very broad visions. The new 3M multi-touch displays offer the possibility up to 80 simultaneous touch points with palm rejection that the  maximum real possibilities of multi-touch application are without limit.  The robust steel frame and high resistance glass bring a necessary durability for 24/7 public use.

3M multi-touch displays are the most efficient in the market today and ideal for any collaborative multi-touch application with 360° access around the screen as an interactive table to teach, inform, and sell in various business where digital signage is integrated: Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, Education, Museum, Shopping center ...


3M Multitouch Characteristics

Specifications : 65" (C6587PW) 55" (C5567PW) 46" (C4667PW) 42" (C4267PW) 32" (C3266PW)
Astect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9
Display FormFactor Display Display Display Display Display
Simultaneous Touch points 80 with palm rejection 80 with palm rejection 80 with palm rejection 80 with palm rejection 80 with palm rejection
Touch response 12ms 10ms 10ms 10ms 10ms
Resolution 3840X2160 (UHD) 1920x1080 (Full HD) 1920x1080 (Full HD) 1920x1080 (Full HD) 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Display Colors 1.07 billion 1,07 billion 1,07 billion 1.07 billion 1.07 billion
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0,372x0,372 0.21 x 0.63 0,177 x 0,530 0,485 x 0,485 0.364 x 0.364
Brightness 405/450 cd/m2 630/700 cd/m2 630/700 cd/m2 630/700 cd/m2 450/500 cd/m2
Viewing Angle 178° V/H 178° V/H 178° V/H 178° V/H 178° V/H
Screen Surface Anti-glare Anti-glare Anti-glare Anti-glare Anti-glare
Touch communication USB USB USB USB USB, R232
Power Supply

110/220 VAC /150W

110/220 VAC / 150W 110/220 VAC 110/220 VAC 110/220 VAC
Dim. & Weight 152.8x90.3x7.55cm - 55.5g 128x75x66.5cm - 39kg 108.6x 63.8 x 6.8cm - 25.85Kg 99.3 x 58.5 x 6.6 cm - 23kg 75.9 x 45.4 x 6.6cm - 12.7ks
VESA Pattern 400 X 400 400 x 400 400 x 400 400 x 400 200 x 200
OS Windows 10/ 8 / 7/ Vista / XP, Linux, Mac, Android Windows 10/ 8 / 7/ Vista / XP, Linux, Mac, Android Windows 10/ 8 / 7/ Vista / XP, Linux, Mac, Android Windows 10/ 8 / 7/ Vista / XP, Linux, Mac, Android Windows 10/ 8 / 7/ Vista / XP, Linux, Mac, Android
Warranty 3 year 3 year 3 year 3 year 3 year
Part number 98-1100-0698-2 98-1100-0725-3 98-1100-0726-1 98-1100-0727-9 98-1100-0728-7

Download_3M Touch Systems Displays Full Line Brochure_FINAL (2).pdf


Solatys, 3M Multitouch Partner & Distributor

Since January 2014, Solatys has become an official 3M Touch's Developer Network partner.

With our expertise in multitouch technology, we can provide you in full product details and advise you the best choice in acquiring a 3M Multitouch display depending on the project or the fully solution (display + PC + display stand).

This partnership has allowed us to achieve important projet recently by providing almost 100 units of 3M Multi-touch displays to a five-star hotel in Malta as the biggest interactive sales floor in Europe.

We are at your disposal, contact us for more details or a quote