3M Multi-Touch display 65" UHD-4K

  • 3M Multi-touch display 65" 4K / 80 touch points C6587PW, Solatys official distributor


65" PCT multi-touch display - open frame - 80 touch points with palm rejection,  - Resoltuion UHD / 4K, dimension 1527,98 x 902,86 x 75,50mm / 55,50 kg, VESA 400X400, Orientation:  Portrait / Landscape / Face-up (table), Anti-glare and resistant for public use - Operating 24/7, 3 year  constructor warrantee.

Introducing 3M Multi-Touch PCAP Displays in 65" (C6587PW) UHD/4K resolution and integrated new “Ultrafine Metal Mesh” PCT solution with 80 touch points recognition that unlike other metal mesh technologies in the market place today:

  • Bezel-free design with Smartphone-like touch experience
  • Ultra-fast multi-touch response for a more engaging multi-touch multi-user application
  • Brilliant high-definition visuals creates excellent viewability in indoor lighting conditions
  • Touch surface and display remain cool at any orientation
  • Anti-glare strengthened glass withstands the rigors of 24/7 operation
  • Stable Life-Cycle Product Availability
  • OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Linux, Mac OS & Android

Perfect displays for interactive digital signage solution in Retail stores, Museums, Educations, Research centers, Exhibitions and high traffic areas like Shopping malls, Airports, Hotels, Casinos,..

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